AmesPore® B bronze discs in permanent stock

The material used for these filters is 89/11 tin bronze, this contains up to 89% copper and 11% tin.

The bronze filters are manufactured by filling a mould with spherical particles of bronze and then sintering the preform.

The pore size is adjusted by selecting the particle size.

4 3 B40 B40 D-4-3 50
B60 B60 D-4-3 50
B85 B85 D-4-3 50
4 B85 B85 D-4-4 50
5 3 B40 B40 D-5-3 50
B60 B60 D-5-3 50
B85 B85 D-5-3 50
6 3 B40 B40 D-6-3 50
B60 B60 D-6-3 50
B85 B85 D-6-3 50
6 B85 B85 D-6-6 50
8 3 B40 B40 D-8-3 50
B60 B60 D-8-3 50
B85 B85 D-8-3 50
10 B85 B85 D-8-10 50
10 3 B40 B40 D-10-3 50
B60 B60 D-10-3 50
B85 B85 D-10-3 50
4 B85 B85 D-10-4 50
10 B85 B85 D-10-10 50
12 3 B40 B40 D-12-3 50
B60 B60 D-12-3 50
B85 B85 D-12-3 50
10 B85 B85 D-12-10 25
12 B85 B85 D-12-12 25
15 B85 B85 D-12-15 25
14 3 B40 B40 D-14-3 25
B60 B60 D-14-3 25
B85 B85 D-14-3 25
10 B85 B85 D-14-10 25
16 10 B85 B85 D-16-10 25
21 3 B40 B40 D-21-3 25
B60 B60 D-21-3 25
B85 B85 D-21-3 25
28 3 B40 B40 D-28-3 25
B60 B60 D-28-3 25
B85 B85 D-28-3 25
38 3 B40 B40 D-38-3 15
B60 B60 D-38-3 15
B85 B85 D-38-3 15

NB: The tolerances vary according to the material grade and the dimensions of the disc.  Contact us

* Other measurements can be manufactured on demand.

disco de bronce amespore


An AmesPore® porous sintered disc of 89/11 bronze with an average pore size of 99 μm, an outer diameter of 10 mm and a length of 4 mm is referred to as
AmesPore® B85 D-10-4
(The letter B indicates bronze and the letter D indicates disc)

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