AmesPore® SSU standard stainless steel disc filters in permanent stock

AmesPore® SSU standard stainless steel disc filters in permanent stock

The material used to produce these disc filters is AISI 316 or AISI 316L stainless steel. They are made by uniaxial compaction of powder in a rigid tool with the negative shape of the part, and then sintered. The pore size is adjusted by changing the compaction pressure and/or the particle size of the powder. They are commonly used in microfiltration of gases and liquids in a dead-end filtration regime.

Diameter or width of these filters is determined by the tooling, while their height is adjustable from approximately 1.5 mm to the maximum length indicated in the tables.

3 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-3-3 50
SSU5 SSU5 D-3-3 50
SSU10 SSU10 D-3-3 50
SSU25 SSU25 D-3-3 50
6 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-6-3 50
SSU5 SSU5 D-6-3 50
SSU10 SSU10 D-6-3 50
SSU25 SSU25 D-6-3 50
SSU60 SSU60 D-6-3 50
10 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-10-3 50
SSU5 SSU5 D-10-3 50
SSU10 SSU10 D-10-3 50
SSU25 SSU25 D-10-3 50
SSU60 SSU60 D-10-3 50
12,7 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-13-3 50
SSU5 SSU5 D-13-3 50
SSU10 SSU10 D-13-3 50
SSU15 SSU15 D-13-3 50
SSU25 SSU25 D-13-3 50
SSU40 SSU40 D-13-3 50
SSU60 SSU60 D-13-3 50
SSU80 SSU80 D-13-3 50
16 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-16-3 25
SSU5 SSU5 D-16-3 25
SSU10 SSU10 D-16-3 25
SSU25 SSU25 D-16-3 25
SSU60 SSU60 D-16-3 25
20 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-20-3 25
SSU5 SSU2 D-20-3 25
SSU10 SSU10 D-20-3 25
SSU25 SSU25 D-20-3 25
SSU60 SSU60 D-20-3 25
25,4 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-25-3 25
SSU5 SSU5 D-25-3 25
SSU10 SSU10 D-25-3 25
SSU25 SSU25 D-25-3 25
SSU60 SSU60 D-25-3 25
30 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-30-3 25
SSU5 SSU5 D-30-3 25
SSU10 SSU10 D-30-3 25
SSU25 SSU25 D-30-3 25
SSU60 SSU60 D-30-3 25
38 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-38-3 15
SSU5 SSU5 D-38-3 15
SSU10 SSU10 D-38-3 15
SSU15 SSU15 D-38-3 15
SSU25 SSU25 D-38-3 15
SSU40 SSU40 D-38-3 15
SSU60 SSU60 D-38-3 15
SSU80 SSU80 D-38-3 15
50 3 SSU2 SSU2 D-50-3 15
SSU5 SSU5 D-50-3 15
SSU10 SSU10 D-50-3 15
SSU25 SSU25 D-50-3 15
SSU60 SSU60 D-50-3 15

NB: The tolerances vary according to the material grade and the dimensions of the disc.

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An AmesPore® porous sintered disc of AISI 316L stainless steel with an average pore size of 10,9 μm, an outer diameter of 16 mm and a length of 3 mm is referred to as:

AmesPore® SSU10 D-16-3 (The letters SSU indicate stainless steel and the letter D indicates disc)

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