Stainless steel SSI made by isostatic compaction: material characteristics

AISI 316L stainless steel candle filters and porous tubes

AmesPore® candle filters and porous tubes are long, cylindrical filters with thin walls, i.e. they have a high length-to-diameter ratio.
The material used for these filters is AISI 316L stainless steel. They are made by isostatic compaction of powder in a flexible mould with the negative shape of the part, and then sintered. The pore size is adjusted by changing the compaction pressure and/or the particle size of the powder.

Material Chemical composition
Other characteristics
Sintered austenitic AISI 316L
stainless steel
Cr: 16-18%
Ni: 11-14%
Mo: 2-3%
C: < 0,03%
Others: 2% max.
Fe: Rest
Suitable for strongly oxidizing environments.
Suitable for contact with food or sanitary water

Maximum working temperature:
600°C in an oxidizing atmosphere, 850°C in a reducing atmosphere.

Coefficient of linear expansion: ≈ 12·10-6 K-1

Grade1 Total
Porosity (%)
Pore Size (μm)2 Filtering Efficiency4
(T=98%) (μm)
Permeability5 Ring Tensile Strength
Average Maximum3 Air Water Viscous Ψv (10-12m2)
(laminar term)
Inertial Ψi (10-6m)
(turbulent term)
SSI1 21 1 3 0,5 0,6 0,02 - 190
SSI2 21 2 7 1 1 0,16 - 183
SSI5 34 5 10 2 3 0,42 - 140
SSI10 39 9 19 5 6 0,89 0,11 89
SSI15 38 16 39 8 9 1,42 0,12 85
SSI25 44 25 48 14 17 3,69 0,13 34
SSI40 51 39 83 29 35 8,96 0,13 34
SSI50 52 50 82 37 45 12,52 0,14 16
SSI1006 52 100 261 76 91 17,02 0,15 7
  1. Intermediate grades can be manufactured on demand.
  2. Measured with a porometer.
  3. Equivalent to the bubble point, determined in-out according to the ISO 4003:1977 standard at a continous flow of 5ml/min.
  4. Determined by a single pass at 0.01 m/s with a 2mm thick sample.
  5. Measured according to the ISO 4022:2018 standard under the following conditions: pressure slope 250 s/bar, maximum pressure difference 1.5 bar, maximum flow 3.3 l/s.
  6. Candle filters manufactured with this grade require a minimum wall thickness of 4mm.

Air pressure loss

Air pressure loss and flow rate of the different AmesPore® SSI filters

Water pressure loss

Water pressure loss and flow rate of the different AmesPore® SSI filters

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