Characterization of AmesPore® filters

Simulation of the behaviour of filters

Characterization of AmesPore® filters

The characteristics and properties of AmesPore® filters are determined in the laboratory of the AMES Solsona filter plant. This laboratory has the means to carry out the following tests:

Porometry curve determined according to ISO 4003: 1977, from which the pore size distribution curve is derived, and from which the average, minimum and maximum pore size is obtained.
Bubble point according to ISO 4003: 1977, determined as the appearance of the first bubble or continuous flow.
Filtering efficiency according to ASTM F795-88 (1993).
Permeability coefficient according to ISO 4022:2018 in both water and air.
Density and total porosity according to ISO 2738:1999.
Degree of cleanliness.
Chemical composition, including carbon, oxygen and nitrogen content.
Corrosion resistance.
Mechanical properties, such as radial tensile strength and shear strength.
Metallography and fractography, including an electron scanning microscope.
Advanced measurement equipment.

With these tools, AMES is able to certify the AmesPore® filters and provide customers with specific data on demand.

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