AmesPore® stainless steel XPM metallic membranes

AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes are an innovative sintered product formed by a porous metal core of 316L stainless steel with thin walls (0.5-1.0 mm) whose internal diameter is covered by a fine ceramic layer of very small pore size (down to 20 nm) .

These characteristics allow AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes to be used in ultrafiltration facilities for the food (beverages, dairy products, etc.), pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries or for wastewater treatment, among other applications.

AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes have the great advantage over ceramic membranes of being tough and resistant to mechanical or thermal shocks, providing safety in handling, transport and assembly, safety against pressure and temperature peaks, and great resistance to thermal fatigue.

Compared with other metallic membranes currently on the market, AmesPore® XPM membranes offer the advantage of a small tube diameter with a low wall thickness (<1 mm). This differentiating feature makes it possible to greatly reduce the volume of the filtering installation (from 2 to 6 times depending on the measurement of the tube), resulting in a smaller and more economical installation for the same performance.

AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes are marketed in the form of filter modules designed jointly with the customer according to their specific needs. The following tables show some examples of dimensions and characteristics of AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes and the specifications of test modules.

Capillaries 316L 7,0 1,2 3 2 TBD Alumina: 20-40-100 nm
Zirconia: 120 nm
3 1 TBD
Alúmina: 20-40-100 nm
Zirconia: 120 nm
Tubes 316L 7,0 1,2 9 8 450 Alumina: 20-40-100 nm
Zirconia: 120 nm
9 7 450
Alumina: 20-40-100 nm
Zirconia: 120 nm

* Other dimensions can be manufactured on demand, and the length can be increased by welding tubes.

MOD-T-020 2 440 19 0,2 Available
MOD-T-070 4 440 75 0,7 On customer demand
MOD-T-400 8 440 450 4,3 On customer demand

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