AmesPore® stainless steel XPM metallic membranes

AmesPore® XPM membranes

AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes are an innovative sintered product formed by a porous metal core of 316L stainless steel with thin walls (0.5-1.0 mm) whose internal diameter is covered by a fine ceramic layer of very small pore size (down to 20 nm) .

These characteristics allow AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes to be used in microfiltration and ultrafiltration facilities for the food (beverages, dairy products, etc.), pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries or for wastewater purification and treatment, among other applications.

AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes have a series of advantages compared with current market standards:

Higher toughness and resistance to mechanical or thermal shocks than ceramic membranes. This advantage provides:

  • Safety in handling, transport and assembly.
  • Safety against pressure and temperature peaks.
  • Great resistance to thermal fatigue.
  • Economy, because the installation requires a less amount of temperature and/or less pressure control devices.

Reduction of module size by 2 to 6 times thanks to the small tube diameter and its low thickness (<1 mm): great compactness, small ecological footprint and more economical facilities for the same performance.

Complete stainless steel module with easy cleaning by steam sterilization, acidic or basic solvents, high pressure backpulse, ozone, or sterilization by radiation.

Competitive price, because installations are cheaper for the same performance vs ceramic membranes or other metallic membranes currently in the market.

Compared to polymeric membranes, no microplastics produced, higher flow compared to multibore membranes, and higher durability.

Porous substract Inner coating Clean water flow1
Material Avg pore
size (μm)
Dimensions (mm)* Material Avg pore
size (nm)
D=Ø Outer
d=Ø Inner
L= Length
stainless steel
7.0 8.5 6.5 450 - - 90.000
Zirconia 120 1.250
Alumina 20 2502
40 3002
100 7502
200 1.0002
500 3.250
stainless steel
1.200 25.000

* Other dimensions can be manufactured on demand, and the length can be increased by welding tubes.

  1. Measured on a single tube, dead-end configuration by gravity method.
  2. Estimated.

AmesPore® XPM metallic membranes are marketed in the form of filtration modules, built entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel. The modules consist of a set of membrane welded to a stainless steel plate, which is also welded to the module housing. Finally, the connections (can be standard or customized), are welded to the housing. Welding is carried out by laser technology. The result is a 100% stainless steel module, which has multiple advantages over equivalent modules based on ceramic membranes.

The modules are delivered with the following documentation:

  • Operation manual
  • Assembly drawing
  • Declaration of conformity of compliance with the European Directive of Pressure Equipment 2014/68/EU
  • Pressure and leak test cerfiticate
  • Bacteria retention certificate (applicable to modules used for drinking water)
  • License to export dual usage products (when legally required)
AmesPore® XPM stainless steel module

Reference Dimensions
(excluding clamps)
Number of
surface (m2)
Max working
pressure* (bar)
Max working
temperature* (ºC)
Diameter (in) Length (mm)
MOD-T-016 2 450 19 0,16 10 230 0-14
MOD-T-074 4 450 85 0,74 4 150
MOD-T-311 8 450 357 3,11 4 150

Modules and membranes comply with 2014/68/EU directive

*Higher operating pressures and/or temperatures are feasible.

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