Stainless steel filter discs and rings: Material characteristics

AISI 316L or AISI 316 stainless steel filters made by uniaxial compaction

The material used to produce these filters is AISI 316L or AISI 316 stainless steel. They are made by uniaxial compaction of powder in a rigid tool with the negative shape of the part, and then sintered. The pore size is adjusted by changing the compaction pressure and/or the particle size of the powder.

Material Chemical composition Other characteristics
Sintered austenitic AISI 316L
or AISI 316L stainless steel
Cr: 16-18%
Ni: 11-14%
Mo: 2-3%
C: < 0,03%
Others: 2% max.,
Fe: Rest
Suitable for strongly oxidizing environments.
Suitable for contact with food or sanitary water.

Maximum working temperature: 600°C in an oxidizing atmosphere,
850°C in a reducing atmosphere.

Coefficient of linear expansion: ≈12·10-6 K-1

Grade1 Total
Pore size(µm) Filtering efficiency3
x (T=98%) (µm)
α (10-12m2)
Shear strength
Average Maximum2
SSU2 25 1,7 5 1 0,13 280
SSU5 37 7,6 20 5 1,67 190
SSU10 37 10,9 30 7 2,00 170
SSU15 37 13,5 33 8,5 3,07 160
SSU25 37 26,5 50 17 7,68 125
SSU40 50 39,0 127 25 12,9 110
SSU60 43 59,5 198 37 18,8 90
SSU80 * 50 83,7 199 54 31,0 70
  1. Intermediate grades can be manufactured on demand.
  2. Equivalent to the bubble point, determined at a continuous flow rate of 5 ml/min.
  3. Single-pass measurement in water at 1 bar and 1 m/s.

* SSU80 grade is not available for AmesPore® SSU stainless steel filter plates.

Air pressure loss

Water pressure loss

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